Facetopia Semi-permanent Lash Extensions

The most natural-looking eyelash enhancement in which single synthetic lashes are carefully attached to the individual natural lashes, making them appear fuller, longer and darker.

Facetopia Diva Lashes

With a unique eyelash glue technology that is safe for the most sensitive eyes, these cluster eyelashes give a dramatic look and surpass the wear time of regular cluster lashes by two weeks or more.

Facetopia Cluster Eyelashes

A bold and dramatic look for your eyes! Great for parties, proms, and nights on the town.

Facetopia Organic Medifacial

Always customized to each individual, this medical grade treatment utilizes the purest and most beneficial ingredients to address a variety of skin conditions.

Facetopia Infusion

Non-acid and chemical-free peel safe for everyone! This potent treatment works to repair and remodel your skin from the inside out with significant results.

Facetopia Shaping

State-of-the-art eyebrow shaping and education from the experts and top quality waxing services for face and body.

Facetopia Brow and Lash Tinting

Safe coloring of the brows and lashes, making them look darker and more defined.

Specializing in the allure of the face and accentuating each individual's natural beauty, Facetopia recognizes the need for quality esthetic services that are not just "add-ons" at your local hair salon or nail spa. Facetopia's highly advanced eyebrow experts will transform the eyes and guide the client in caring for the brows between visits. Various eyelash enhancements can revamp the eyes, creating fuller, longer lashes that are customized to the client's desired look. Knowledge of the skin is a high priority at Facetopia. With the skin care industry growing rapidly, the public is easily being swayed by marketing schemes and celebrity hype. However, while something may work for one person it may not be appropriate for the next. For this reason, Facetopia follows treatment protocols backed by reliable scientific research with emphasis on total body nutrition and natural approaches in skin care. Facetopia looks to the Licensed Esthetician to educate each client about their specific and unique needs. All skin care treatments are personalized to each individual based on their particular skin concerns.